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Three weeks have flown by

Posted by gramma on September 24, 2017 at 8:40 AM

As usual time is slipping by in a hurry. With two new readers we were blessed with 23 hours of reading this week. Once again we had a small, but very nice, party with about 40% of our readers in attendance and good support from our hosting church. It was a blessing as we had an English language night, even writing Cinquain poetry. Here are a couple of samples:



Strong, trustworthy

Caring, loving, watching

Always close to me




Happy, Cheerful

Singing, eating, playing

My fifth birthday party



So you see, they are a rather talented group. And it is always so wonderful watching the readers and the church members interact so much and seem to enjoy being together.


One of Steve's readers, Dean, who has been a christian only a couple of years, has served as our driver as we visited Plitvice last Saturday and this Saturday when we travelled to the islands of Krk and Cres. It has been a delight to be with him; his English is good and he has a great sense of humor and most importantly, he has a great sense of gratitude for his new life as a follower of Christ. We have so enjoyed him coming with us.


For whatever reason, when we were in Zagreb about ten years ago for an LST project, we paid little attention to the Croatian language. Here in Rijeka, we have heard it and seen it written much more. Because Steve took several years of Russian in high school and college, when he heard Croatian he heard a lot of Russian words. It turns out they are both Slavic languages and the Croatians have taken the sounds of the 33-letter cyrillic alphabet in Russian and 'translated' them into the 26-letter latin alphabet with the help of a few extra marks over some letters, giving them also 33 letters. The words look very different but the sounds are almost identical.


Like we said, it is hard to believe this is a last week. It has been difficult getting readers, even though our number seems to be all over town and on the web. We will share some ideas of what might help bring more next year with those that invited us, you never know what will work. But that being said, the readers we have are wonderful. Some readers are new Christians and they are hearing, discussing and learning new things about Jesus. Some are searching a little but they are content where they are in their beliefs and not really sure it makes a difference what one believes. They want to know why can't we just be our own guide, deciding what is right and wrong. One is soaking up every word and really searching, wanting to know more. Our readers represent all kinds of soil, the seed is being planted and others will water.

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