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Let's Start Talking with Steve and Val!

In case you don't know us, we are Steve and Valerie McLean from Santa Barbara, California.

Steve spent 29 years on the faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Department at UC Santa Barbara, but retired in July, 2009.  Though in an ME department, his training is in physical oceanography with a specialty in the study of how sand is moved by water (sediment transport) both in rivers and on beaches.  

Val is a fiber artist.  She makes various items such as hats, scarves, bags, etc by felting them.  She mostly works with sheep's wool and she often incorporates other fibers like silk with the wool, called nuno felt. You can see her work at

Since 1994, we have been working with an organization called Let's Start Talking. We help people all over the world improve their conversational English using the gospel of Luke as a catalyst for our conversations.  We usually spend about six weeks in a given location.  Thus far, we have traveled to Russia nine times, Peru twice, China three times, Rwanda twice, Germany twice, Kazakhstan, Croatia twice, Argentina, Malta, Jordan and Greece.

Please take a look at our blog to see where we are now.


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